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סקס באונס סקס בטלפון

I know I am! Rape fantasy phone sex makes my pussy wet and quiver each and every time I think about …. I just wanted to let you know that I think a really taboo or extreme fantasy can also be enjoyed in an sensually erotic manner.

Most often when you …. How far do you like to do with our taboo phone sex fantasies? I get so hot when we talk about the extreme role plays you have like forced sex fun and any kind of rape fantasy.

I love talking to my customers who have a real mommy phone sex fetish. They often confide in me the things they wish they could do with their mothers. Sometimes they even confess what they have already done with them.

Usually the stories that they tell me are enough to get my incest loving cunt …. You see, torture is one thing that will make this pussy drip.

Now throw in an underage little cunt to boot and I will be gushing all over the place. When this caller …. Are you ready for some adult conversation that has no boundaries? I am open for any topic you need to get your cock off with and nothing is too taboo for me. We can do …. I knew working here was going to be fun. I really enjoy the role play aspect of this job because we can talk about anything and go anywhere our perverted mood takes us.

How about an incest fantasy? I could catch you in my panties and discipline you with a good, hard spanking. I lost a bet I made with my friend in our kinky rape phone sex fantasy.

The loser had to answer three questions no matter what they were and his first was to tell him my greatest fear. For instance… A friend came over to visit and I was working in my garden. I like to tan while …. Rape fantasy phone sex is something that I specialize in. Have you ever had impure thoughts of forcing your cock into someone? Including maybe a little age play ….

I started on the road of perversion when my daddy …. Searching the net for some quality phone sex are you? Perfect, you have came to the right place. The ones that you could never bring to your spouse because she would never understand?

Thankfully, I engineer my life not to be in polite company very often since it tends to be so god-damn boring. I mean, most of my phone sex clients are trusting me with the sexual fantasies they believe nobody in their lives can handle. Time for a little reciprocity…. Here are ten kinky things about me you may or may not know already.

Feel free to use them at will on future phone sex calls! It hurts, Daddy, it hurts! A good bare-handed, over-the-knee spanking will make my cunt wetter than licking it. Pulling my hair tightly, and close to the scalp and breathing on my neck is the fastest way to make me horny.

Religious taboo phone sex really does it for me. Enemas can be arousing. The first time I ever took one, it was for a caller who walked me through it over the phone. Very intense, intimate, and strangely sweet. It should be apparent by now that I am a total butt slut. I aim to change that in There you have it. I can only imagine what my next potential internet date is going to think when he googles me and reads this…Hehehe! However, I am looking forward to seeing which of these you might decide to incorporate into our next taboo phone sex call!

Do you not think I see you gazing at me when I come to visit my son in his dorm room? Yes, I feel you staring through my tight fitting blouse, and the sheer lace of my bra. I know exactly what your young strong college age body is feeling. Hoping I will find you alone. When it seems my son is not here to meet me, I can turn to you, young stud, in your loose fitting pajama bottoms and bare skin chest.

Do I send shivers through your body? I reach over and close that boring book you are pretending to read. Because, my young stud, you know what I want from you. And I truly believe, that is what you want too. You sit back in your chair and I turn and lean back against your desk. My arms wrap around my waist and I lift my blouse up over my head, exposing my large breasts to be exposed through my sheer lace bra.

I hear your breath suck in. I smile seductively and reach around my back, unlatching my bra, and letting the straps fall from my shoulders. You begin to lick your lips, still, no words escape you.

I unzip my miniskirt and let it fall to my feet where I step out of it, one step closer to you. Blink my dear college boy, and see the cougar that stands before you.

Just stockings and pumps, no bra, no panties, just my body open for your touch. I reach out and pull you towards me, you mouth opens and I pull your head hard against my chest.

My nipple is now in your mouth and my head throws back as I moan. You suck like a newborn baby starving for his evening meal. Your hands are all over my body, touching, exploring, squeezing my ass. I push you to your knees and your tongue immediately begins to lick and slurp. You enjoy the taste and want as much as you can get.

But I want more of you than that and push you down to the floor, pulling your pajama bottoms off, and expose your throbbing hard cock that stands at attention. Before I plunge myself onto your sword, I want to taste your juices. My eyes remain in contact with yours as I lower my lips to the glistening head of your cock. My mouth opens, and you feel the softness of my lips barely touching the surface.

My tongue touches the clear pre-cum that escapes you and I lift to show the string that leads to my mouth. I slurp it up and lower myself again this time, letting my lips barely surround just under the hood, where the most sensitivity lies.

You shiver and moan. Your hips move towards me, I know what you want. Without warning, I thrust my mouth down the shaft of your cock, my lips touching the base. Your hands push me down and hold me against you.

I choke and gag.

For over 20 years, I have been an office whore. In exchange, I am paid a much higher salary than most legal secretaries. I have medical benefits and a K plan. My son and daughter have college funds. He has treated me well over the years. Yesterday, he told me he was interviewing new masters for me. I thought when he retired, I would be able to select my own master. He changed his mind.

He is an old man by BDSM standards. He had me pull my skirt off and bend over his big oak desk. After years of feeling it on my bare ass and around my throat, I recognized the grip. I started to submit when I felt a cock ram up my ass. Just a big hard cock up my dry asshole. I started to whimper, but Master slapped my back. I felt 2 sets of hands holding me down as my ass took a hardcore pounding.

Master said my ass would be interviewing new masters for a while. I was sore, but things could have been worse if I had complained or protested. I am a submissive whore, but I am not a dumb one. I have been sitting on an ice pack ever since. He said you wanted a doll a porcelain Little Love Bug with bubble gum cheeks and a hot pink sweaty clit, I said I know just the doll for you. I made him come with me to this different place.

We had to go so far to get so much we had to get on a plane to get there. When we got to where we were going I had a little lit kit waiting for him for sure she was hot with her little hairless pussy. He paid a pretty price for it to like about 5, plus the plane tickets and the hotel room. But what he got was a week of gorging on his fantasies he got to stick his penis in little bitty coochies.

I mean he pounded those pussies those itty-bitty cunts he really drilled inside as deep as his cock could go. I was out for a jog on a new trail and got lost like a total dumb-dumb. Thankfully you were out hunting and came across me. I was so happy to see a face because I had been lost for hours and nightfall was coming. You offered to give me a ride back into town and I gladly accepted because my feet had started to really hurt.

Once we got into your van I noticed something was off. You began to explain that you from time to time needed to pick up a new pet. I started crying and begging for you to please let me go but you showed no emotion. I was your whore now and you would do what ever you pleased with me. After a long ride we pulled up at your trailer. Before letting me out of the car you put a collar and leash on me, explaining that as your pet this was my new uniform. You led me inside your home and I saw the evidence of others who had been your tool of perversion before me.

You ordered me to the ground and told me to clean your boots with my tongue. I began licking and cleaning as fast as I could but then you shocked me with a stun gun. I could taste animal scat from your adventures in the woods.

Once you deemed your boots clean, you told me to stand up so you could get a good long look at me. You said I was a little too skinny and would need to start drinking bacon grease to fatten up for your ultimate plan for me but that also a good breeding might do the trick.

You tied me down to a weird table and started pouring hot candle wax all over my body, getting pure enjoyment from seeing the pain on my face. Once I finally did fall asleep, you were standing in the room with a few friends explaining they could do whatever they wanted to me.

After a beating and fucking, my memory is a little hazy. What other plans do you have for your pet whore now? BDSM chat , extreme bondage , gangbang phone sex , Rape phone sex fantasies , slave training , torture phone sex. He told me about a Rape fantasy he had.

He desired to come into my home sometime when I least expect it and pretend rape me. A few night later, I had been having trouble sleeping and took some sleeping pills. I awakened in the middle of the night by a man entering my ground floor bedroom window. He was clumsy, making a lot of noise. I know my master wanted me to pretend to be scared.

He turned around, and I still feigned sleep. He came up to the bed, unzipped his zipper and got into the bed with me. He was behind me. He started rubbing himself up against my naked bottom. He pushed on my hips, bringing me closer to him. He inserted his cock into my pussy from behind without a word. This fantasy was the most exciting one yet!

He kept fucking me from behind getting rougher and rougher. He was now pulling my hair. He grunted and thrust into me over and over.

Not a word from him, total silence. When he was done and had poured his load inside of me, he left the same way he had entered, without a word through the window.

I want to get a really cruel dom one time. I want to be abused and used really rough. I have this fantasy of being raped and I would love to explore that side with someone. I want someone to tell me stories about their rape or fantasies of it. I would love to be in a classy bar after work and someone had bought me a drink me unaware I drank it and and it being drugged.

I walk to the bathroom and start to feel funny and so I was outside hoping that would help. There is this man and I feel really loopy and he says he can help me get where I need to go so he leads me into his car. And I try to tell him where I go but I pass out and then when I come to and wake up, I am tied up on the couch and gagged and I kind of start freaking out.

Can anyone relate to this type of fantasy? My new master was very upset with me for not dressing as he had asked me to. His request was simple, he asked me to dress like a prostitute. I had shown up in a sexy black silk dress with 3-inch heels, hair in a nice up do and makeup done tastefully.

He told me if he had wanted a high-class call girl he would have asked for that. He wanted me dressed as a common street whore.

He sent me home to change. I travelled the 45 minutes each way to transform myself into a street whore. I put on a black body stocking with a hole where the crotch is, a red corset, a tight, very short, black leather mini skirt and my 5-inch fuck me heels. I also put a lot of makeup on and over sprayed my hair to look like those whores I see patrolling the streets downtown. He greeted me at the door, telling me to remove my coat and said that now I looked like a proper hooker and tonight I was going to be treated like one.

I am always happy to please my master, whatever he wants, I will do. He brought me into a room with 5 men, sitting around having a smoke and a drink. He told them the entertainment had arrived and that we were going to have fun. As soon as I finished, two of the men strapped me down to a massage table and put a gag in my mouth.

Each man took a turn at me. They fucked me in my mouth, my cunt, and my asshole. I was pleased that my master had chosen to share me. Domination phone sex is natural for me. The older I get, the more in charge I become. When I was a young teen runaway earning a living as a hooker and porn actress, I let men do all sorts of things to me.

Back then, I was desperate, and I had no self-esteem. I received slave training to do porn. I am a mature sexy woman now. I love my brood, but I am not afraid to punish them either. For the most part, I have a well trained army of slutkins. Rarely, do I encounter a problem with them, but when I do, I have no problem using discipline.

My youngest daughter is hanging with a bad crowd at school. She is succumbing to peer pressure, skipping school and drinking. He paid good money for her little cunt and she ruined the date. I had to discipline her.

This rough crowd she hangs with has brain washed her. I called up some friends from my porn days who I knew loved breaking in little bitches. Once upon a time, they broke me in. They trained me to be an obedient cock sucking whore when the cameras were rolling. I just needed an obedient daughter again. They showed up last week, stayed for four days with my daughter in the training room. No windows and a lot of BDSM equipment. They spanked her, restrained her, fucked her and trained her. I have a reprogrammed daughter now.

She is a little slut again. A slut for mommy and her friends, not hood rat delinquents. She is my moneymaker. Until she fell into this bad crowd at school, she loved fucking and sucking for money. I pulled her from public school. I never graduated high school and I turned out just fine. I have this male friend who likes to torture people as much as I do.

He came over and went on this bondage site we love to find lost girls that need someone. We picked out the perfect victim and messaged her to meet us, I wanted to give this dumb bitch a scare. She met us at the abandoned lot and my friend came up behind her and duct tape her mouth shut and blindfolded her.

We put the bitch in the trunk and drove to another location. I had him open up the trunk and pull her out and put her on top of the car and and fuck her. I had him pound her little pussy raw and also choke her. He kept fucking her while I came up and fisted her ass while he was pounding her pussy, the bitch was bleeding and I was laughing. I knew my uncle ross was a sick fuck like me. Ever since I could remember I would hear him had some gnarley rape phone sex fantasies when I was a wee one.

I knew how bad he wanted to use p-cock on me even as a little tike. It echoes in my mind to this day. To be quite honest I have always masturbated at his convos with those phone hoes. I knew he craved my innocent cunt back then. I think about helping him have his way with my youngin sisters too. I know his eyes pop out when we visit him. I have no idea why I love thinking about p- cock so much, but I do. I usually get off thinking about that specifically. I imagine how good my uncles p-cock would feel tearing my virgin pussy.

Ageplay girls , caught jacking , Jack off for me , phone sex sites , rape phone sex fantasies , sensual fantasies. I love sharing taboo phone sex stories with my callers. The more taboo something is to hear, the wetter my pussy gets. Guys tell me constantly that my taboo stories give them hard cocks. Why be in the adult industry if you are not comfortable with the taboo world?

Nothing is too extreme to share with me. A caller asked me this morning to share a taboo story about one of my daughters. There are so many from fucking their daddy to entertaining some of my clients from the strip club with me. I focused on a story that was out of my hands. A few years ago, my middle daughter spent the night with her best friend and a few other girls.

It was a typical slumber party. He lured her away from her friends, into the bathroom. My daughter has daddy issues. She misses him terribly, so she falls prey to P men often. I think this man assumed my girl would be a virgin at her age. She played along as the innocent girl sucking cock for the first time, but then he got rough with her. Men lose control quickly when their P fantasies are cumming true.

He got rough with her and fucked her ass. She was an ass virgin at the time. She was not prepared for it and made a huge mess of his dick. This dude loved it though. He liked knowing he took her ass cherry.

He left her in the bathroom, sore, scared and a little turned on. I had her hop in the shower and tell her friends she started her period.

I came and picked her up. Her friends never knew what happened, but to this today I feel guilty about being turned on to what that man did to my baby girl. Make sure you check out the link above to see our latest dirty phone sex site. New dirty talent awaits you. Ageplay girls , daddy phone sex , dirty phone sex , Nasty phone sex , rape phone sex fantasies , taboo phone sex. My twisted mind is at it again.

I have been having these rape fantasies and I would for you to call me up so we could share ours, I know you have them as well. This particular one of my mine is where I put an ad up on craigslist pretending I am looking for sluts to be my models. I have many girls email me their pictures and I pick the perfect one.

A brunette, she is petite but has large breasts and a bald cunt. She gets loopy and I drag her to room by her hair, she keeps coming in and out of it.

So I decided to take it onto myself to make some blasphemy phone sex fun on this fine Sunday and really get some satisfaction. Thanks to my submissive relationship with my boss, he has a הכרויות קוקס גמירות נשים education fund, a nice house to live in and health insurance. I know exactly what your young strong college age body is feeling. I loved being used this way. He pushed on my hips, bringing me closer to. Dirty phone talklive phone sexNasty phone sexrape phone sex fantasiestaboo phone sexxxx sites Leave comment.

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