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שיחות סקס בטלפון גייז לווי

שיחות סקס בטלפון גייז לווי

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God I wish you were here. I think I'm going to cum just thinking about it. Fuck I love hearing you moan like that You will probably be competitive in all the schools that you mentioned above, with HBS being a stretch special emphasis on extraordinary leadership. Picking 5 out of this list has a lot to do with personal considerations - where do you want to live? I am afraid the answer to both of these questions is "no". Sure, and much luck. I was waitlisted R2 and wondering if there is anything one can do.

I am told they are not good. Any additional information would be great. Their policy is to interview by invitation, yet perhaps a visit there could push towards an interview maybe on the spot? How do you think I should go about doing this? Well, if you network well, push the right buttons and have some luck while you are visiting, a visit could definitely make a significant difference.

Showing enthusiasm, motivation and seriousness of intent to whoever you speak with could be really helpful in terms of your admission chances. The waitlist game also depends, however, on considerations beyond your control such as yield management and the decisions of accepted candidates. This is the part where you just have to cross your fingers really tightly Thanks, Hila, and much luck in these critical moments.

I refer to business schools, of course? Does the score matter a lot? A TOEFL score of and a GMAT verbal score of 35 or so do raise a small concern about your English, a concern that can be alleviated through the personal interview and that can be countered by other strengths. Well, it all depends on what the change is. If it's a "better job" leadership, management, experience or a promotion-type switch, the move will actually enhance your admission chances , and vice versa.

If the reason for leaving is "got a better offer" and you can bring a strong recommendation from your current workplace, you should be OK.

If the reason for leaving is not as exciting e. The fact that you switched jobs after one year in this young age is usually, in and of itself, a pretty small concern. If you provide strong rational for the move, there will likely not be any concern at all. First, thank you Dan, Kassifo and egeg for helping out with the last few questions.

You guys give me a feeling that with all this mutual help, maybe it's time for me to retire! These are what I see as the 3 main factors: Fit of the school's stregths with your area of interest marketing? Other factors include the school's culture grade non-disclosure?

I am working in one of the world biggest accounting firms but I was thinking trying to work abroad after finishing my pr a ctice and getting my CPA. Yedidi, it depends where you leave to - which firm, what position, which location. In general, leaving your job after 2 years if I remember correctly, that's the CPA internship, right?

I'm standing in the middle of the process of choosing my prefered programs. I don't know yet what I really want to do after graduation and I probably won't know until I'll start the MBA and so I want to keep all the options. What do you think? First, many thanks go to Assaf for helping out and giving you an excellent answer. I think that you will be able to get pretty good finance education at Kellogg if you interest is in general management or in business in general.

If you were focused on, say investment banking, I would have said you are better off going to a finance-focused school. Since it sounds like your interest is not particularly finance, I think that Kellogg can cover the finance angel well enough for you. Sloan , so the "big university names" work particularly well. Second, Which schools do you think ensure their graduates the maximum possible option without hurting the chances?

I finished my service as a lieutenant. There are 2 patents on stem cells duplication methods that are pending to register under my name.

I am determined to establish my own biotech company that will use stem cells tech. Well, first, Kol Hakavod Keren on your amazing achievements! The problem is that I never worked in a "real job". I worked only in research although for the last 2. W and S will probably be more welcoming than HBS in that regard. Let me assume a strong application, one that effectively identifies and reflects your leadership potential. One that touches the right buttons at Stanford, those touchy-feely guys, and that lays out a realistic and exciting future plan.

HBS will be a bit harder because their focus on leadership is extremely strong. You will need a bit more magic there. In order to have a more accurate assessment for HBS, I need to go deeper into your data and see what can be extracted on the leadership side. Some people consider it as a problematic constraint. You should also consider that once you show the school that you have some external funding, your chances to get any non-merit financial support cease to exist.

When you arrive to the US with J, your wife needs to apply for a work permit that takes about 3 months. Then, she can work anywhere. Finally, your wife can also try to find work without a permit and hope that someone will sponsor her H visa H, unlike J, is employer specific. It's obviously harder to find such an employer. First, thanks for your help here, looking at your answers really gave me a lot of helpful information.

Just a few details about me: I am not sure. Based on what I saw in previous years, the likelyhood of a scholarship increases as you go down the rankings. Ron, if you come back right after the MBA I think there will be a significant advantage, though it will not be as significant as for someone coming with experience. You hear people saying things like "there is no IB industry in Israel" i. Impressive stuff you got there, especially on the work experience side. I think that US business schools at least top 20 or so require the completion of a B.

Some programs admit people straight from undergraduate or with little post-B. I'm no expert and certainly don't know your entire story but I think that in general it's better to complete the B. This would increase your chances of being admitted but more than that it is said to increase the value of your learning period. Is it advisable to apply in the first admissions round vs. Focus on readiness rather than trying to game the system. We receive fewer applications in Round One, so we have more time to evaluate the application, and you get a decision before the holidays.

We also have the wait-list in Round One that we use actively to gauge the pool. In Round Two, the class begins to fill, and if a candidate is placed on the wait-list, the chances to being admitted from the list decline. Is there a corelation between the "psycometric exam" israel mark and the gmat? I am no expert on the GMAT so please take my answer with a grain of salt. My impression is that there is a pretty close correlation in most cases.

I think that most GMAT schools will tell you otherwise, and they probably know better than me. This is my impression. Well, yes, this is how it works. However, because of the desire to diversify the class, your competition is, to some extent, with other Israelis.

The admission committee will try to accept at least a couple of Israelis in any case. How will my university GPA be converted to the 4. Sometimes you will get specific conversion instructions by the school.

Sorry I don't have a better answer on this for now - an area we should do more research on. I will finish my university studies at the summer of Do you think this will be sufficient or should i wait for a few more years?

That depends on where you are applying and what are your credentials - military experience, grades, achievements at work, your age, GMAT, essay quality In some cases, your chances will be significantly higher after a couple years of strong full-time work experience, but in other cases your chances may actually be high, or even higher, if you apply immediately this was my personal case, I think.

Does army service as an officer serve as some kind of employment experience worth mentioning or counting on as a job experience? This is a few years of full time, valuable work experience, especially if you had an opportunity to practice leadership and teamwork.

It depends on your personal schedule. If you're emloyed full-time - in order to be ready in July, I think you should start studying in April. My name is Uri, and I've been doing a lot of reading on this site, so I figured it's about time I start writing. I graduated from the Technion with an 85 avg.

I also worked in Teva during the first degree as a technical writer in their manufacturing plant. I now work as a software engineer in a small firm in Tel-Aviv. In the army, I was a shift supervisor in Intelligence in charge of up to 20 people per shift. I am thinking of applying to some B-schools, so I naturally have a few questions:.

What schools are considered best for people with an engineering background like myself, who wish to combine the MBA with their technological expertise? If I seek a career change mainly toward finance , will my engineering background have any negative effect? This question rightfully bothers you! Going a step back you should be really focused at what you want to do after grad because all the schools can land you a good job, where and in which industry this is a different question.

If you want to go international try to get an international brand name Yale, NYU work very well. My best advice would be: Another very important factor is success rate at summer placement- if you get a job in the summer this increases your chances for FT job tenfold.

Did you visit NYC already or not? Did you visit only Columbia or also NYU? Uri, among the leading schools that put strong emphasis on management in a technology-oriented company with emphasis on information technology rather than biotechnology or aerospace or energy technology etc.

This is the main strength of these schools with MIT also being strong in entrepreneurship. This depends a lot on how you present this backgroud and what finance position you target.

If you are able to show that your background is very applicable and relevant for succeeding in the targeted position relevant skills, relevant experience it could even be a plus.

The best thing, and probably the hardest, is to do your research, exploration and deliberation and come up with a focused plan of what you want to do. Go through an internal process that brings you to a point where you have an hypothesis of where you want to go you can change this plan at any point in time.

In terms of admission effectiveness, my cumulative experience and that's just my subjective understanding is that you want to present the same plan, your own, personal, well-thought-of plan, to all the schools you are applying to. I have a high GMAT score , well done! In general, in light of your above professional experience, I believe this will not be a significant disadvantage.

If one thing I leard from the application process is that Israelis should help each other. I will publish my notes later Didn't have time , there is an amazing Lord of the Ring exhibition at Boston museum of science.

There is a link to the chat in the top left corner. Assaf Wand, second year student Mr. Moshe Sarfaty, first year student. See, is they are expecting applicants this year , and only applied at R1 - that means that !

I know they only interview between to However , again if Wharton and Stanford numbers are close , that means that only people submitted their application to Stanford, so R1 chances are higher.

I actually think there is a good chance to find a software job here, especially if you have a US work permit. We don't have a lot of information about it in Darden because essentially most of the recruiting going on in the school is for the big established companies located out of Cville. There are many more opportunities in north VA near Washington, about 1.

North VA is considered to be a very high-tech oriented area with many small and medium tech. They have many programs with these companies. You can also "google" VC funds in Cville and Richmond area, go to their websites, click on their portfolio companies, and most of the chances that those companies are located in the area as VC is a local business.

There is also a website: I know that's very hard to get in that program. Will you graduate with distinction? Need-based scholarships are usually not granted to foreign citizens. Your strengths as a candidate depend on a variety of criteria. You can see a basic layout of these criteria at: The lower the ranking, the higher usually the chances for scholarship. As you go up towards 15, 10 etc. The chances at top-5 places are probably low - but still this is not impossible.

Work experience and leadership are definitely things to work on in the coming years in that context. You do not need the work experience to be business experience. Stanford - I'm in the same status as you for online app.

Since you're the only Israeli I know who was interviewed and they most probably will admit Israelies in R1 you stand good chances. Only 50 days to wait now: Best I can do is tell you about my interview - basically it was in Israel, the interviewer was an Israeli alumni who had finished 2 years ago. Do your research before showing up! Now for the bad news - yes, there is a presentation. I was asked to discuss the effect of China's growing economic strength with regards to worldwide reaction.

Since I'm from an IT background, I had no idea what to say and stammered throughout that part. I am a very good presenter, and this was probably the worst presentation I ever gave in my life although I did make 1 or 2 important points. I explained this to him and he understood that I am confident enough to speak about something I know nothing about. You will also be put in a team when you're studying here and will have enough chances to work on your team dynamics, so I don't know who told you about that being in the interview, but I don't think it's reasonable to assume you will be tested on that.

It just doesn't seem like a very reasonable thing to do in an interview. I'll be in Israel in December if you want to find out more -. The three strongest career tracks at Darden are consulting, iBanking, and general management. Many speculations and rumors are spread around this subject… Could you shed any light? Meaning, in case the application is ready for the first round, would it increase the chances of admission if not for round one then for round two?

Is a rejection in R1 could eventually turn into an acceptance it R2? X being the quota. Or could they simply read a strong application and s. So, in general, the answer to your question is no. Is it always true? But in most cases it is. The acual situation changes from school to school and, sometimes, from year to year.

This changes from school to school and sometimes from one year to the next - when a new admissions policy or admissions head comes in and I do not know exactly what is the method used in each and every school. There is a general quota or a range that can be deviated from. Usually each candidate gets a grade. So, for example, if the general quota for round one is people, and if in the first round there is an overflow of very strong candidates, the school may accept people that round, or may put some of them on the waiting list.

Yes, this could be the case - the above example shows how this could happen. The first case is usually what happens in round-based systems most schools. The second case is usually what happens in rolling admission systems, like the one used at Columbia. I received an invitation for an interview with Wahrton yesterday. To answer your question regarding when did I receive the "application complete" status- this happened on Jan 16, 10 days after I submitted my application in the last minute of the deadline.

Hope it helps and good luck to everybody including me chances. It seems that all Israeli candidates are cut from the same mold, either lawyers or techies i. Maybe scoring in GMAT will do the job?. Unfortunately I will have to provide a pretty shallow answer here. This is something I find hard to explain in words, especially in just a few words.

Being the kind of applicant that the admissions committee doesn't see that often. If there is one rule for differentiating yourself, I would say it's being you in the application. Being authentic, because e ach of us really is different from the others.

All in all, I guess my answer to your question is: HOW to achieve good differentiation is, to my understanding, more of an art than a science, and it sometimes involves a self-exploration process. They told me not to do anything 'cause they want to leave the competition fair now I'm competing with R3 people as well as on available spaces from R2 that won't register.

I have been following the forum especially reading for a couple of months now and your job here is remarkable. I have a question regarding a low score on the verbal part of the GMAT. I received a 25 score on the verbal part, and I am sure it will raise concerns.

How can I strengthen this weak point? Can these points strengthen my application? They will alleviate the concern about your English language skills. The interview will probably be a good opportunity to demonstrate your oral English skills.

I am quite sure I can improve the verbal part, but I I'd do it again only as a last resort. It may be a good idea to go to that last resort and re-take the GMAT I heard about mba chances a while ago, and I said that I will probably do this process alone But a while has passed, and I am just to busy to do this alone.

I might need some help in this whole bureaucracy maze. Haven't really started yet besides GMAT Ayelet, you can some info on the application schedule at http: Good that you are done with the GMAT already.

Is this a known trend? How should this change ones considerations for applying to a top MBA program? What are the foreseeable ramifications of such a trend? Avishai, our expertise is application preparation, I am a pretty little expert on such issues In general, yes, this is a trend of the past few years. If you believe that this trend will continue, maybe this should reduce your interest in top MBA programs.

If you believe this trend will reverse, then probably now is a great time to apply to top MBA programs better chances. Over the past years, the overall trend in the MBA market has been an positive one upward slope , with temporary declines in-between. Salaries went up, selectivity of top programs went up, demand went up. Hard for me to tell. Only now, 6 years later, I feel I am beginning to understand the value. It's best to fill out the registration form on www.

I would like to start the process of MBA abroad and use aringo's services in the process could you please give me a rough estimate about my chances to different programs and tiers , etc. Programs such as Michigan, Duke, Tuck, Rotman will be somewhat of a stretch. I intend to arive with my wife. I'm coming from a technological background, and I wonder what is the typical "student profile" in UCLA, and how would be the chances of someone coming from such a background. Also, how are the opportunities in the area for the spouse, who will not have a working visa?

I was impressed that there are better and less good areas in terms of opportunities for her, which can be crucial for the decision. My email, if you can reply, is dudi. I am applying to 5 schools and i believe that its best to divide chances - 2 from top 5 ,2 from top , and one with high probability of acceptance.

It is a proof that you can lead and therefore it is important to provide examples from this leadership experience. The official answer is that there is no difference between 1 st and 2 nd rounds, but you are discouraged from applying on the 3 rd round. I heard some say that International applicants should apply on the 1 st round so they will have more time to take care of visa issues, but I think your question relates to admission chances rather than logistics.

I mean, it is useless to stress and apply on the 1 st round if your application is not the best you can make out of it yet. If your application is perfect by the 1 st round deadline, apply than, if not, wait for the 2 nd round.

Diversity is an admission criterion but there are no quotas for different nationalities. French language and civilization studies.

Eli, thank you for the detailed information. Tuck is closer to "competitive", Duke is closer to "strong". HBS and Stanford will probably be on the stretch side. Anyway, I took the test 3 days ago and scored My background in short: The volunteering project which I led took place under the umbrella of the non-profit org. Except my technical position I am an integral part of the presale process and responsible for the various products software we produce. I was responsible for the entire operations of the Israeli subsidiary.

The company was unable to gain access for additional funds due to the stock market collapse. At that stage I decided to continue my studies and complete my B. I graduate last semester with My first question is; does my pre graduation work experience counts? Or I must have a minimum of two year post graduate work experience? Assuming I can leverage my pre graduation work experience, what strategy do you recommend when applying to an MBA program?

Since I had very little time between working full time and studying I don't have any voluntarily or community background. I want to try and make it for next year, September From your past experience, is it realistic or I am day dreaming? Before I ask the usual question, I wanted to ask, which MBA programs you think best fit the "entrepreneur" profile.

What do you think of UT at Austin? I have some connections at UT, any other recommendation? Finally, what do you are my chances at these universities? Last I want to say that I think this is a very helpful site and you and your team are doing great job.

Thank you for your time and help. With the amount of information I currently have, it's hard for me to answer this question professionally and specifically. It is possible, but not easy. Another question is if you're able to start working on your applications now and prepare a significant portion of them before taking the GMAT.

If the question is: However, I think that the difference in chances is not significant versus other programs. In other words, it is not much easier to get into MIT if you are an entrepreneur then to get into other programs of comparable prestige to MIT such as Columbia and Chicago.

If the question is about the quality of the entrepreneurship courses and activities at the school - Babson is probably first, and MIT possibly second.

They are considered especially strong in high tech namangement, and somewhat strong in accounting and entrepreneurhsip. Take a good look at them Harvard and Stanford will be a stretch but not out of the question. Thanks you for the compliments Yochay. My main interest is to work in a small-medium innovative technology company, or start something of my own. I served 3 years in the Intelligence "chaman talpiot". However, I work only 2 years as full time engineer Intel Design Center I was working here part time as a student, but I think it doesn't count.

How would you estimate my chances to get accepted? From an extra-curricular point of view i don't have an impressive record. DO you think this year will be as easy as last year in terms of addmition chances - how do you explain the increase in Israelis addmitted abroad. See the following article in the marker http: My estimate is that the admission chances for Israelis this year are similar to last year's.

The overall number of applicants at the top schools both Israelis and not Israelis is likely, as far as I hear, to stay at about the same levels as last year. The Israelis still enjoy the decrease in the number of US applicants as well as have better applications now than they had in the 90's and early 's. By the way, based on the information I have, less than 12 Israelis will start at Wharton this year.

At Harvard, on the other hand, 5 ex-aringo folks are starting, so the number mentioned 4 is probably skewed down a bit. What is your take on R1 s. In most cases, applying in the first round is better for admission chances. If you want to pursue an ideal admission process for , take your first GMAT on or before April Prepare 4 quality applications for the first round. It's an excellent school and an amazing finanical opportunity for Israelis. My first disclaimer is that it's all my personal believes though based on some research I made prior and during school.

In general, I believe that every applicant should view the application as a marketing project, rather than an exam. There're no right answers and in the end of the day a bunch of officers, some even without an MBA, will make the final decision, and they make many mistakes. On the other hand, they didn't make this mistake with George W.

If there's one criterion to success is the ambition to succeeded in it. The more you research and work on the application the chances are that it'd be better accepted.

How early before I intend to start learning abroad should I start the process? I started months before the date of application and decided to force myself to apply for my three favorite programs HBS, Stanford and Wharton in the first round no matter what happened maybe this is the best recommendation I can give you — first round has more chances than the other two!!!

You can also do a great application in 2 or 3 months. The GMAT is the most time consuming. How important is the GMAT? What does it mean? That in the eyes of the school. GMAT is only in indicator and not the most important one.

How important is it to graduate with honors? Does this mean that you'd work your ass on getting an honor? I never got honors and made it to a few programs. Should I ask for recommendations from my professors?

The issue of recommenders could be easily described as an optimization of the following factors sorry for the mathematical description but it's really the best way: Your strategy — what is the "story" you market to the admission board — what makes you unique in comparison to all the other applicants from Israel.

Based on this, you should decide on the people who recommend you i. Your broad horizons — reference can be used exactly to show how "interesting" you are, to show activities that weren't the core of your life but add a flavor to your main story 3. Intimacy — schools are looking for someone who really knows you and can write a very detailed reference about who you are, what do you want to do, etc. Calibration and standardization — the school would try to understand how good are you in your peer or age group and the better you can convey it with your reference the better it is.

I mean that the recommender should be one that can say that you were THE best of the people under him, so it's better that he's not your direct boss with only two employees. This also shad some light on issue of the brand of the recommender. If a random guy will say that you're one of the best that he met in his life, it won't have the same validity if the CEO will say it.

What are the chances to get a scholarship and what does it requires from me to get one? There're pretty good chances to get a scholarship when you are excepted to the best schools — the private schools in the US have A LOT of money and there perception is that poor student is more important than highly academic one, so they give money on need base. How old are most of the people who learn with you?

I believe that the average age in my class at HBS was 27, and the range was between 22 as starting age and 36 an American army guy. How were most of the people you studied with? But this is really a silly answer from my part. The class at HBS has people. That's huge, and also the most important advantage of school — it creates a large network, but still very cohesive one. First the class is divide to 10 section with 90 people in each, with whom you study all through the first year.

The outcome is that you know those 89 students pretty well, and on top of that with students, there's a good chance you'll be able to find people similar to you with the same interests, even if they're as obscure as accounting practices in the 17th century. Do you think it's important to first finish my internship and than apply? It can't hurt, but my answer is NO.

You'd be competing with other people who did the internship themselves so finishing it for itself won't be an advantage. Well, I highly recommend the HBS experience to everyone but especially to people who're open to new cultures and are happy with socializing. It's expensive but I wouldn't include it as an issue if you're younger than 30 and with no more than one child. I believe it's important not to be locked on one specific school, apply to a few that you'd really consider attending and than take the best choice of the ones you were offered admission.

As an Israeli, you'd always remember than you're still at least years older than most US students so apply as soon as you can. Does your work experience have any impact on finding a job afterwards - in other words - if I dont have any notable work eperinece by that i mean outside the army and temp jobs will that hinder my chances to find a good job afterwards? What should she choose? HBS offers six options: If she has no information whatsoever, she should choose "no information".

If she has some information that enables her to rank you high and it doesn't strike the reader as "how the hell could she have information about this" then it would help if she ranks you high ideally, outstanding. Would choosing "No Information" hurt my candidacy? Choosing "No Information" is not likely to hurt your candidacy. Choosing "Outstanding" under the conditions I mentioned above is likely to help your candidacy. I heard that in America if write on your resume that your health is good, the employer will interpret it as you are dying.

Is it the same with the Appraisal Tables? What's the right mix anyway? I guess that if the recommender chooses "Outstanding" in every field, he'll probably be regarded by the adcom as unreliable. Second, the top schools are looking for top people. They sometimes even try to "convince" the recommender in the instructions to "reduce" or balance the grades so that they can distinguish between candidates. The fact of the matter is that they want the best of the best, and that being ranked "top" on all fronts except one where you're maybe not exceptional would enhance your candidacy if the recommendation itself and your personal history coincide with these claims.

Last question for today, promise chances. If I'm not wrong, you said that HBS views duty service as work experience. These instructions apply to the vast majority, and do not take into account the minority.

Most schools say that, because they're oriented towards the american public, with college coming right after high-school. Some schools mention that if you have high-quality experience before college as opposed to flipping burgers , that would also count. You may attach a note explaining that your military service was a professional full-time position especially if you were an officer and that therefore you chose to include it in the full time work experience section despite the request to include only post-college experience.

In your note you can mention that you thought this may be useful for the admission committee in evaluating your candidacy. You may suggest to the admission committee to ignore these positions if they deem them irrelevant.

Really appreciate you willing to answer questions from 'nudniks' like myself. One of the fields that HBS asked to fill out in the self-reported transcript was the estimated "Rank in Cass". Could you please comment on the importance of this field?

Given that my undergrad institution, the Hebrew U. I'm not even sure whether NOT reporting was an option at all. Could this fact hurt my chances? I will apply schools: Your schedule is tight. You have less than two weeks until your GMAT. From now until November 8: My gut feel is that the first case may be more relevant for you and for most people. Is it better to write the application essays in Hebrew first and than translate it with professional help, or write it in English from the beginning?

Two issues with the translation option: Most admission officers in fact, everyone I spoke with feel that it's not ethical to do this. Your admission chances are likely to be higher if the langauge is authentic, i. One of the UCLA's essays is: The most significant leadership role that I have been taking is establishment and management of a volunteering project in my work that includes 50 people.

Is it good enough even though the volunteering project is not my everyday work? The short answer is: Definitely a strong story that will give you points on leadership, community contribution, initiative and other admission drivers.

If you have an alternative story that will give you more "points" on the admission drivers, then you may be better off going with the other story. If your essay plan how you distribute your stories between the different essays is such that it will be better to put the volunteer story somewhere else achievement essay, for example so that you can put here another story that fits here but doesn't fit anywhere else, then you may be better off going with the other story.

Hope this long answer wasn't confusing I have some volunteering background in the university worked with a sick child in a broken home, worked in a nursing home but not in recent years. Alot of extracurricular backgraound personal trainer on the side, writing articles to semi proffesional websites in a multitude of areas, and going now to start a company of my own in the area of nutritional supplements.

I did full military service, regular combat position, finished as sargeant with good reccomendations. I am in the process of deciding on my ways in the next years of my life, and need some information to know if I should make some tactical decisions that will help me to be accepted to Stanford in I will be 32 then, and don't mind the younger crowd , as a given I am assuming my current entrepreneuring will not make me a millioner.

I do not want to be seen as manipulative and using adversities I've been through as a crutch or leverage, but if that is how its supposed to be and I am entitled to it all fairness, than it may help balance out my poor GPA. The facts that you will provide about the ADD and the family situation are likely to alleviate some of the concerns regarding your academic achievements.

A strong GMAT is likely to further alleviate these concerns. To what extent will the ADD and family issues alleviate these concerns? This depends on the exact facts which you will present and the exact text which you will use. A strong presentation of strong mitigating circumstances is likely to help but is not likely to bring you to the equivalent of graduating with distinction.

Is there any point re: G I can shoot for but is there any real benefit going over which I can get with a lesser effort or any other number? I believe that, under your circumstances, a is likely to have more impact than a Will this make a strategic difference?

I am using this time to find out about MBA, and maybe start my own business from home or study something, is that adversity of any siginifcant importance to the good side or the bad?

I believe that this situation is likely to somewhat hinder your candidacy. A strong presentation of the mitigating circumstances injury is likely to help. However, working as an employee, or independently and accumulating work-related or leadership-related achievements would probably have been better for your candidacy. I am right now in california, is there any point going over to stanford and asking for somekind of counceling?

Visiting campus may help your candidacy, assuming that, as you said, you don't creat a negative impression. Basically all of my questions come down to this: CAN I offset that? Anything that you can do to advance any of the admission criteria mentioned here: BTW I am a good friend of M. Pinto who was admitted to stanford this year with your help.

Please send him "drishat shalom hama". In terms of admission chances , the rank is class in probably the most important data point concerning your GPA. The identity of the school, the field of study and the absolute grade e. But the lower your GPA, the stronger you'll need to be on the leadership side. If these issues do not reduce the reader's ability to understand the content, and if these issues are mostly in the essays - then these issues are not likely to reduce your admission chances.

Oh, you should have seen my HBS essays. But even when I read them today, after all the theory, research and principles we developed at aringo, they still seem great on the content side. I believe that the content is what matters most. Hope this will help you have a more relaxed weekend However, before I do so, I need all the information I can get about the two question I deem as most important:. Will it be perceived as an advantage over graduates of Israeli MBA programs?

Thank you for the thorough review of the Ivey program. It really helps me put things in the right perspective I was referring to Rotterdam. Rotterdam is one of Europe's 10 leading program in fact, top-7 usually. Their strengths are in Consulting and Technology and Finance to a lesser extent.

Depends very much on geography. If you don't speak Dutch, you're still probably more likely to find a position in the Netherlands than in the rest of Europe. It will probably make it a bit harder for you to attain a strong position in Europe, but it will still be possible and attainable. How many Israelis got an interview invitation from HBS so far?

This decision mostly depends on staffing and availability considerations. If your interview is with a Boston-based person, consider flying there for the interview. I flew to Boston for the interview they suggested that I do this on the phone.

In retrospect I feel that it was a good decision. We can only hope the numbers keep rising. I'm seeking for advice. I graduated college in cum laude and worked in research in new york since then. I took the GMAT earlier this year, almost without studying and got a low grade. It's definitely possible to prepare a quality application if your plan is to sumit the applications in March the last round, which is usually "hardest".

If you plan to submit in January - it is very likely that there will be a substantial "price" in terms of application quality. We specialize in MBA programs. I am less familiar with other programs. If the GMAT is below and there are no special medical circumstances, the chances to be accepted to a top program are very low.

It is considered as part-time work experience and it could somewhat promote your candidacy, especially if you had an opportunity to excercise and demonstrate leadership skills. Did you meet with or heard from Israelis attending Cass at the moment, if so what was your inpression with their prospective placement chances? Lately I've been reading your massages in this forum and I learn a lot from them - thanks for that, I knwo you have limited time.

I wanted to ask about 3rd round Vs. What do you think are my chances in general and more specifically for 3rd round? If you're asking if it affects chances - usually not. If you're asking if it affects the interview invitation release date - as far as I know, occasionally it does not always, not systematically. What are the chances of geeting into LBS on 3rd round in general?

Acceptance chances in 3rd round are the same as 1st and 2nd in LBS. Second, when you say the same chances do you also mean the same in terms of the quantity of people per round getting accepted? Therefore, if we look at attaining an MBA degree in a top school, we can't simply ignore the fact that the tuition requires a trmendous expense, and almost surely some sort of financing.

It basically gives us the number of years after the investment has been made that it would take us to cover the original expense made. Now, there are several websites that perform this calculation for you, taking into account the lost salary for te years your studying full-time without making any money, and also the average rate of salary growth post-graduation apparently, you should expect a 4.

Be advised that you still have to make some critical assumptions, but this is a good precursor to the time it would take you to repay your MBA tuition. The good news is that my calculations were exaggerated, mainly by accounting for living expenses on one hand, and not acounting for annual growth in salary post-graduation on the other hand.

In any case, Forbes's calculator estimates 2. I applied to several schools last year. My Gmat score was I have quite good background.

I was accepted by NYU and Cornell. I was rejected from Harvard, Kellogg and Columbia. I made the Gmat again and got Do you think that I have a chance to apply again to Harvard, Kellogg or Columbia as reapplicant. In that case, it does sound like re-applying is not out of the question in terms of chances especially at Columbia and Kellogg, but also at HBS.

Dalit answered this one well! I would add a slight tweak my opinion: I was on Dean's list for 3 years of my degree. On the army, I was an officer in one of the technology units in the Air Force. I was working as a software engineer for 2 years and now I am working as a buyer in IBM. As far as i can tell, they prefer science educated applicants i am an EE , we were three out of EE school at TAU and all of us got to the Case study round.

They are pretty keen on MBA studies. I assume that you are applying in the second round. I believe that at NYU you will be somewhere between competitive and stretch, closer to stretch. Two things to keep in mind: At NYU, focus on and commitment to the school often help a lot. Consider re-taking the GMAT exam if this was your first one.

I don't know if you were at the Kellogg presentation 10 days ago at Reichman, but in any case, if you have anymore questions about Kellogg, let me know and I'll be happy to answer. Everyone else - if you have questions about Kellogg or the application process in general, of course don't hesitate to ask!!!

We have a chat just for that here in mba chances , so let me know about any questions and I'll be happy to get back to you. Not enough room to write how much I envy you for starting school in NYC this year. My primary plans are London, but I am also looking at Columbia. I was wondering if you can give me an estimate about the chances in regular decision compared with the early decision.

Regardless of the school you choose, I highly recommend that you interview - it would only help your chances of getting in and would demonstrate your commitment to the school. My full answer would be quite a long one as I have been gathering material on both schools for over 3 years now.

In a nutshell, these are quite different schools conceptually and even physically speaking. I find the IT life too dynamic, so to speak, and my expectations from an MBA is mainly to acquire tools and networking to allow such a transition.

Does anyone know from which school s one has the best chances of getting into these fields of course, the school s may change from one field to the other? I understood that rechecking takes up to 3 weeks. I already applied to London Business School and waiting for R2 intereview decisions, so I will not have time to get rechecked scores delivered on time. Gilam, I would like to know how do you assess my chances to apply successfully to Harvard full time MBA program for the class that begins in september My GMAT score is 49 - m, 42 - v I was on the dean's list for two years and finished with a 93 average.

I work for a consulting firm for two years and as an assistant teacher at TAU from which I graduated. Besides that I am the Chairman of the "Peres center for peace" young leaders team for the last year. The Peres activity will help.

I am considering an MBA abroad, preferably US, and would be more than happy to get your estimation regarding my case and chances. I am about 29 years old. My average is about Teudat Horaa Experience Summery: Full time position during learning towards AD. Design of a variety of products and boards. My managerial experience is mostly as project manager of the products I have designed. It includes work with subcontractors, purchasing etc.

As an Application Eng. I also have participated as tech. I have proposed to develop an innovative product that probably would help our company to expose itself internationally. After presenting the concept to some of our customers and getting a positive feedback it was decided to go for it, and I would manage its development.

I know that my major weakness is a low average during my study. Do you think my experience and good GMAT score will enable me to overcome this weakness? On the other hand, can my education minor at technology education be a pro in terms of student diversification?

Is it a problem? If yes, can I overcome this issue by explaining that the firing had made a positive impact on my grades? I have received 89 for my graduation project due to the fact that I have had enough time to prepare it.

Hope it is enough for an initial estimation J Thank You in advance.

שיחות סקס בטלפון גייז לווי Haven't really started yet besides GMAT Pinto who was admitted to stanford this year with your help. UVA got in Israel? I guess it can't hurt since it gives you a structured environment. Sep 24, 31 Comments. I am so excited and want to thank u for your advice on these board and at the Fulbright conference.

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